Noise Measurement

Stuart Gillan is a full member of the Institute of Acoustics (MIOA) and holds the IoA Certificate of Competence in Environmental Noise Measurement.

Using Class 1 measurement tools, audio, acoustic and environmental noise measurements can be taken on site to ensure a project, room or room usage, falls within the stringent standards found in modern building and environmental noise regulations.

In certain cases it may be necessary to refer a noise issue for more detailed investigation by an acoustic consultant - where legislation may find it necessary to involve more qualified personnel. In that case, using Class 1 equipment and having followed established procedures, the initial measurement data will be valid as a starting reference for the investigation.

As well as noise measurement, the same high quality equipment can measure audio and acoustic data such as reverberation time and speech intelligibility within a space, allowing quality assurance checks to be made on an audio system and how it performs within a particular room.


Noise Rating (NR) Curve

Reverb Time Measurement Graph

Spectrograph - SMAART v7

RaSTI Distribution Graph

Real Time Analyser - SMAART v7