Audio consultation is the first step in starting a successful change process in an audio or audio related business/project.

A project does not have to be a large construction or installation contract, it can also be concerned with much smaller things like renewing operational equipment, establishing an operational procedure for maintenance or the production and launch of a new marketing brochure. Audio consultation can also look at ways to improve how audio is used within a business model or even the operation and effectiveness of an entire audio company.

Before a new project is undertaken - for example, before an audio system is designed, it is important to examine and prepare the business case for the desired outcome. This process of preparing the business case is, in fact, the initial part of setting up any project because it defines the reason for the project, how the project will be run, what the project objectives are, how much the project should cost (including contingency budget) and how long it should take to complete. Once all this has been established and agreed by the relevant stakeholders, a project can be put into a start-up procedure.

In all these areas, employing Soundscape for audio consultation is the first step towards achieving the planned project outcome. A client may choose to go elsewhere for the next part of their project process but in any event, reliable advice and an accurate business case will set down good foundations for the next stage in launching a successful project.

Soundscape does offer all the subsequent stages a client may wish to employ:

Founder and sole proprietor of Soundscape, Stuart Gillan MIOA is the principle consultant with a career spanning over 30 years in live touring audio, tv and film location recording and as a communications engineer and sound supervisor in broadcast.

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Audio Consultancy

to predict how an audio system will work in a given acoustic space.

to back up and add data to the model and to show how the audio will fit within acoustic and noise standards and regulations.

technical design covering audio, video and lighting, ensuring these potentially conflicting systems are designed in one complimentary and efficient package.

using PRINCE2® as a basis to successfully run a project, with an experienced and informed technical background and a specialism in audio.